About Us

Since 1995, Tracy Mikulec and his team members have been successful in the interactive market because we consistently exceed client’s expectations with innovative and compelling Internet solutions. With our experience in the Action Sports and Youth Market, Immersion Media brings fresh techniques and strategies to reach the highly sought after echo-boomer or Gen Y demographic.

But great web applications and design is of little value without proven usability, results and technology to make it work. That’s why we go to extremes to make sure that the technology we use in our sites is both innovative and dependable, even if we have to develop it ourselves. The payoff is obvious: Our sites lead the industry in creativity and usability.

Why do we build such a high-end total user experience? Simple: Because it positions client as industry leaders in addition to meeting their long-term objectives. And when our clients succeed, so do we.

Our proven work process reflects our fanatical devotion to our clients’ success. We start every engagement with intelligent planning that helps uncover and clarify the customer’s business goals. Then we work with the client to build a concept for a site that will serve those goals. Investing the extra effort to get the right answers up front ultimately allows us to build dependable solutions with remarkable efficiency. Instead of wasting time and money on endless revisions, our customers get what they need, on time and on budget.

The Team

Like other larger firms, Immersion Media gives you the confidence, security and proven track record you would expect from a world-class group of design and development experts — with one key difference: Our team members have graduated beyond the large, client-chasing web shops to form a “core team” of highly adaptable and accessible developers and designers. Being the best in our respective fields, we choose the clients and projects that form the best fit for us and our clients.

Using our core team approach, you’ll get tighter collaboration with our key people, which means consistency is easy to achieve. Our coding and coordination is much better, allowing us to focus on delivering your project without spending unnecessary time on superfluous process documents. We don’t force fit you or your project into an unnatural process to make things easier for us at your expense — rather, we work around your needs.

Our smaller dedicated teams also create direct ownership of projects. That means your project is completed on time and within budget. Your project will never be handed off to people you’ve never met, an all-too-common practice with some firms. You interact directly with your core-team members — ensuring immediate access and constant accountability, whenever and wherever you need it.