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Design Trend – Pinterest non-linear image driven design

With recent popularity of Pinterest, we’re starting to notice the many other sites are being influenced by Pinterest’s image driven non-linear design. Pinterest organizes information into sticky-note like content blocks that fill the entire browser window. Users typically  scan a web page for things that interest them and Pinterest’s content blocks are like mini web pages, with a […]

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Customizing and Styling Google Forms

Using Google Forms is a great and simple way for anyone to publish an online form. While Google Forms are very powerful, the presentation isn’t very desirable and in it’s raw form can be a poor reflection on your company or brand. This post explains how to create a Google Form and how to customize […]

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How to optimize a post or article for search engines (SEO)

Google and search engine’s evaluate each piece of information and text in your post and then collectivity gives it an overall score for each keyword/keyphrase. Each of these attributes or techniques in this article may be singularly minimal in effect, but collectivity they are critical for Google to determine the keyword relevancy for each post […]

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Hyphens in your domain name.

It’s recommended to choose a domain name without hyphens but Google doesn’t penalize you for using hyphens in your URL, however 3 or more hyphens in your domain name may raise a red flag as a spammy site.

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Optimize your images for SEO and improve your overall site ranking

When adding photos to your website, something that is often overlooked, but is easy to do is to add ALT and TITLE attributes to your images.

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Have a local business? Be found and stand out with Localized SEO

If you’re a local business, localized leads are high value, very targeted and converts!

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Got a great domain name you want to register? Forget it, it’s already registered.

Getting a good domain name is nearly impossible, so you have to get creative. It’s also important to consider Search Engine Optimization (SEO), because having a keyword in your domain tells Google and other search engines that your site must be highly relavant to that keyword. Here’s a useful tool for brainstorming about your new […]

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“Freemium” Making money online by making it free

We’ve all used free online services or applications and have likely thought “how is that a sustainable business model?”. Some are purely for marketing and exposure, and others, like Zynga’s free FarmVille application for Facebook, allows users to fast-track the game by selling virtual currency. Some services, like Twitter, develop customers or an audience and […]

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“Above the Fold”

Ever wondered what parts of your site can’t be seen without scrolling? Google’s Browser Size shows you what portion of users can see a given spot on the screen. This is not screen resolution but the area available to the browser – as gathered from users.

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Email for your company – Google has a great and free solution

We configure and setup a lot of websites and email solutions for our clients. Because of spam, viruses and client’s with limited IT resources, we’ve nearly gone exclusively to recommending Google’s Gmail service for email. Now that doesn’t mean our client’s give up their company’s URL for a Gmail address, but with Gmail you can […]

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