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Evidence Facebook’s revenue is based on fake likes.

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Hyphens in your domain name.

It’s recommended to choose a domain name without hyphens but Google doesn’t penalize you for using hyphens in your URL, however 3 or more hyphens in your domain name may raise a red flag as a spammy site.

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Importance of social media for your brand

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Left side of page is more important than the right

Web users spent more then twice their time viewing the left half of a webpage, validating the traditional layout is most effective and profitable.

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HTML5 is the antidote to the Flash addiction

When creating a website, the first thing many people think of is animation, video, movement and other “cool stuff”. Much of this is done in Flash, and while it’s cool and full of sizzle, Flash has several important drawbacks. Some of these drawbacks are that search engines can’t easily index Flash sites. It’s also not […]

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The truth about “Above the Fold”

Are you an “Above the Fold” hardliner? There are many people that believe that users DON’T scroll down the page and that all the important information must be above that fold.  While I agree that it makes sense to keep important information highly visible on page, our analysis and research has shown that users ARE […]

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How does your website compare against your competitors?

Ever wonder about the popularity of a website, who’s going to that website or what keywords they’re targeting for search? Well there’s a way to get that information and more for free.

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