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How to optimize a post or article for search engines (SEO)

Google and search engine’s evaluate each piece of information and text in your post and then collectivity gives it an overall score for each keyword/keyphrase. Each of these attributes or techniques in this article may be singularly minimal in effect, but collectivity they are critical for Google to determine the keyword relevancy for each post […]

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WordPress “5 Essential Plugins”

Here’s a question that I wanted to share that was posted in one of my LinkedIn groups: What plugins you find yourself using on every site you design? Name your top five and tell me why you find them so necessary. All sites are unique, but I would recommend the following five as the essential […]

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Optimize your images for SEO and improve your overall site ranking

When adding photos to your website, something that is often overlooked, but is easy to do is to add ALT and TITLE attributes to your images.

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