Design Trend – Pinterest non-linear image driven design

With recent popularity of Pinterest, we’re starting to notice the many other sites are being influenced by Pinterest’s image driven non-linear design. Pinterest organizes information into sticky-note like content blocks that fill the entire browser window. Users typically  scan a web page for things that interest them and Pinterest’s content blocks are like mini web pages, with a large image, text summary, comments and “like” and “repin” social features.

It also taps into another emerging design trend of “Adaptive Layout”, meaning the web pages expands to your browser window size or device resolution. So whether you’re on iPhone or a huge 30″ monitor, the layout will adaptively scale to fit your your browser window.

Now Pinterest didn’t create this design style, but they certainly can be credited with making it popular. As a keen observer of effective web design and usability, I feel this is a strong emerging design trend that we’ll be seeing much more of.




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