HTML5 is the antidote to the Flash addiction

Iphone HTML5When creating a website, the first thing many people think of is animation, video, movement and other “cool stuff”. Much of this is done in Flash, and while it’s cool and full of sizzle, Flash has several important drawbacks. Some of these drawbacks are that search engines can’t easily index Flash sites. It’s also not viewable on many mobile devices, game stations and alternative devices, plus many Flash sites lack usability and readability.

Additionally, Flash has been abandoned on many sites just because the executive staff couldn’t view their Flash site on their iPhone. Now, with the introduction of the iPad and Steve Jobs announcement that Apple wont be supporting Flash because it “…hogs processor cycles, drains battery life and causes needless crashes”.

Regardless of how you feel about Flash, Flash is not going away anytime soon, but there is a new technology and a mind-set that will effect how and where we use Flash. HTML5, a new internet standard that is already built into most browsers (except Internet Explorer), will offer some Flash alternatives. One of the most notable feature of HTML5 is video and mobile device support.

Ready or not, HTML5 is coming.

HTML5 is the latest version HTML. HTML is the programming language that all webpages use. HTML5 will be updated to handle many of the features that we currently need many proprietary applications like Adobe Flash, and Microsoft Silverlight.

While Flash is used for many things, its main use is for online videos and games. Sites like you YouTube have opt-in HTML5 version of their site.

HTML5 is a promising technology and has the potential to have a huge impact and may eventually be able to overtake Flash as the standard for online video. It will additional open doors to mobile platforms, over-all compatibility and faster browsing experiences. It’s not fully baked yet, but it’s making waves and gaining traction in some very public ways.

Be ready….

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