Got a great domain name you want to register? Forget it, it’s already registered.

Getting a good domain name is nearly impossible, so you have to get creative. It’s also important to consider Search Engine Optimization (SEO), because having a keyword in your domain tells Google and other search engines that your site must be highly relavant to that keyword. Here’s a useful tool for brainstorming about your new domain name: Instant Domain Search

Ok, now with the business out of the way, here’s the real reason why I wanted to create this post. Variations of this list have been around for a while, but I believe it’s good enough to bring back. Consider this as you narrow your search for the best domain name. – Experts Exchange - Pen Island – Therapist Finder – Go to Lake Tahoe – Big Al’s Online - Who Represents – Mole Station Native Nursery - Welcome to the First Cumming Methodist Church. – Dickson Equipment – Vacation in Spain? – ViaGrafix (Came out before the little blue pill became popular) - TeachersTalk – Winters Express – Winters California local newspaper – Ebay competitor Auctions Hit is now out of business, hmmm. – company name is really just Mammoth Erection – NY State’s Canals and vacation regions – Australian ISP WebOne – SCA Tissue – Speed of Fart

Source: Unofficial Dreamhost Blog

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