Left side of page is more important than the right

Web users spent more then twice their time viewing the left half of a webpage, validating the traditional layout is most effective and profitable.

eyetracking left to right of webpage
An example of users left to right attention

Usability expert Jakob Nielsen released a report that web users spend 69% of their time viewing the left half of the page and 30% viewing the right half. While this may be obvious, understanding how users navigate and view a site is important to reaffirming how we layout a website (known as Information Architecture).

  • Don’t break convention (e.g. Righthand navigation).
  • Site width shouldn’t be wider then 995 pixels (always avoid horizontal scrolling).
  • Important content should be within the 300–500 pixel area of the page .

Users have been trained to pay attention to certain areas of a site and have expectations to where important is on the site. By breaking the conventional layout users may miss important content or discount the importance of a piece of information because of their trained perception of where important content should be. When users are more successful using your site, you’ll have more success is meeting your online business goals.

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