WordPress Instructional Series

We at Immersion Media develop many different types of custom websites, but find WordPress to be one of the best and most intuitive content management systems (CMS) to dynamically manage the content on your website. While it’s one of the easiest to use, it very flexible and packed with features and does require basic instructions to get familiar with it and its’ functionality.

This is a simple guide and instruction for the person updating a WordPress website. 


To start, you must log in. In most cases, the URL will be www.yourwebsite.com/wp-admin

Once logged in, you’ll see something like below. (depending on your permissions and the website setup, your view may be different and missing some items). To add and update content, these are the areas to do that.

Posts and Pages… what’s the difference?

Each theme and WordPress installation will handle these differently.

  • POSTS are typically a chronological list of articles and is often presented in a blog format. Think of them as an ongoing journal with the newest post being displayed at the top of the list pushing down older posts. More on creating a WordPress Post
  • PAGES are for content that does change or considered timely. Some examples are About Us, Contact Us and Our Services. If you don’t have a blog or chronological posts on your site, you’ll only need pages. More on creating a WordPress Page