Heading and Paragraph Tags – Post Formatting

Formatting with Heading Tags

Formatting with Paragraph Tags

Using headings is an important part to formatting your post to clearly communicate and break up topics and ideas into easily consumable blocks. You can also use them to emphasize ideas.

Heading Tags:

  1. Highlighting the text you want to change into a heading
  2. Selecting the Heading Style you want to apply from Style drop-down menu in the Advanced formatting toolbar (for most themes your best option is heading 3)
  3. Previewing your post to make sure that headings you’ve used has broken your post into manageable chunks

How to add a heading style


Add Paragraph to posts and pages

This short unbranded flash video from our video series introduces users to how to add a paragraph to posts and pages. – for your clients, your users or yourself.

Changing formatting styles

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