Cropping and Scaling Images

And here’s some info about cropping and scaling images that you can use to complement your videos — if you like!

Any image uploaded to your site’s media library can be edited using your Image Editor.

To access the image editor go to Media > Library in your dashboard and click on the name of an image you want to edit.  Now just click on the Edit Image link to reveal the advanced editing options.

Cropping an image is as simple as:

1.  Select the portion of the image you want to keep by clicking and dragging your mouse.
2.  Now click on the Crop button.
3.  If you are happy with the result, click Save.

How to crop with the image editor

Scaling an image is as easy as:

1.  Click on the Scale Image link to revea the editing fields.
2.  Change the width of the image.
3.  Click Scale.
4.  Choose which images to apply changes to then click Update Media.

How to scale with the image editor

You can restore an image to the original state by clicking on the Restore Image button.

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