Josh Vickers - Project Lead

Josh has a unique and invaluable skill set that includes project management, development, and search engine optimization intelligence. Additionally, he’s adept in tracking and interpreting trends in the ever-changing interactive marketplace. As a result, Immersion Media’s clients look to Josh to help them get the project done on time and on budget.

"My goal is simple and straight-forward. I look for ways and opportunities to improve the development process and efficiently work with clients" he says. "Then I help clients make sense of development process and connecting all the dots for our clients so they don’t have to."

Josh directs a team of more than 10 interactive designers, strategists and developers. Under his direction, Immersion Media’s is elevating its capabilities to even greater levels, providing Immersion Media’s clients with an enormous edge in the digital media world.

Josh came to Immersion Media from Wave House San Diego, where he directed and managed many of their properties reaching unprecedented success and profitably. Josh is taking his strengths and passion in managing people and working with vendors and clients and making Immersion Media a forward thinking client centered organization.